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LEEF project website is going live.

Today we launch our new website for the OPZuid project LEEF. Within this project we further develop two of our main coating technologies, our colored BIPV cover glass and our SunSmart thermochromic coating for energy-efficient windows.

During the LEEF project we will produce, together with project partners Vindico, Glass for Glass, MCC and Laudy Bouw, 300 BIPV panels with innovative dirt-repellent, colored glass covers and implement them in a new building project within De Groene Loper in Maastricht. After successful demonstration of the techno-economic feasibility of the innovative BIPV product, commercialization can be initiated after the end of the project. Involvement of the value chain from materials producer to the end user in the LEEF project, ensures a successful scale up towards a market ready product.

Additionally, we will further scale up our SunSmart coating technology for energy-efficient windows. The SunSmart coating is transparent to visible light and, based on the glass temperature, can switch between transmitting and blocking of solar heat radiation. In this way, the coating on a window helps to reduce energy consumption for heating houses in winter and for cooling in summer. We have already established on lab scale and with building energy simulations that this new technology is optimized for climates as we have in the Netherlands and can have a major impact on a buildings energy consumption. Within LEEF we will scale up the technology to pilot scale and produce 2 full sized smart windows, which will be installed in test buildings at SolarBEAT in Eindhoven.

Furthermore, we will establish a pilot infrastructure for application and curing of liquid coatings on flat glass. The pilot line will be used for the coating development within LEEF and will be made available for local SMEs after the project end, to facilitate development and upscaling activities. In this way, we embrace our responsibility to boost local industry.

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