Glass for Glass

GlassforGlass is a service company engaged in the thermal tempering and lamination of processed flat glass for glass processing companies in the BeNeLux and Germany. The horizontal tempering furnace is suitable for flat glass with a thickness of 4 to 19 mm. The furnace is equipped with a turbo installation, to be able to temper glass with soft and hard coatings. The max. dimensions of flat glass panels for tempering are 3600 x 2120 mm. GlassforGlass has 2 laminating ovens and an associated cleanroom for assembling laminated glass combinations. With these installations PVB, EVA and possibly other laminating foils are used, possibly combined with other materials between the glass. In addition, GlassforGlass has a sharpening line for the edge processing of glass, with a horizontal glass washing machine.

In this consortium, GlassforGlass will temper the coated glass sheets to the appropriate size, so that they can be incorporated into the laminated PV panels. In addition, GlassforGlass will process the glass sheets with thermochromic coatings into double-glazed windows as demonstrators for TNO to integrate the test building on the TU/e campus.

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