Laudy Bouw

Laudy Bouw specializes in the development, construction, maintenance and restoration of high-quality real estate and is active in residential, non-residential and industrial construction. The projects mainly take place in Limburg. Laudy Bouw is a subsidiary of Ballast Nedam and is owned by Renaissance Construction, an extremely stable global player in the construction world with an impressive track record. As a builder, Laudy Bouw is a co-designer of our society. The mission is to contribute to a permanently healthy working and living environment for our clients and employees. The vision is to continue to live and work healthy, which is essential for the quality of life and thus the future of Limburg. Laudy Bouw therefore wants to contribute with innovative services and products to the best possible conditions for people, the environment and society, built for healthy conditions! The development of the Groene Loper on the site of the former A2 in Maastricht is being carried out by Ballast Nedam development. As a subsidiary, Laudy Bouw will carry out the realization for Ballast Nedam Development.

In this position, Laudy Bouw is able to use the BIPV panels, to be developed in this consortium, in a development on the Groene Loper. An area development that, like Laudy Bouw, has a high sustainability ambition.

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