MCC Installaties

MCC is an all-round installation company for water, air, heating, electricity and solar panels, active in both residential and non-residential construction. The strength of MCC lies in innovating, participating and (further) developing new sustainable installations. By using a heat pump, heat-recovery installations and solar panels, they build energy-neutral homes and ensure that the legal standards are amply undershot. They can remotely monitor their installations for air quality, energy consumption and generation and heat. They use this data to manage their service even more proactively and to fine-tune their installations. By being active in development, purchasing, assembly, monitoring and service, they are able to steer and organize the entire chain.

Given the innovative strength as an installer of solar panels, among other things, MCC can apply this experience in the OP Zuid project LEEF. Intensive sharing of knowledge regarding the technical application and assembly, as well as monitoring and service of the test set-up and the final facade will be an important contribution of MCC.

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