Innovative optical coatings BIPV

Within the LEEF project, glass cover plates for BIPV modules will be functionalized with color and dirt-repellent properties by applying functional coatings. The coated glass plates will then be applied as cover glass on BIPV façade panels. 300 of those BIPV panels will be installed in a construction project within De Groene Loper in Maastricht. The yield of the BIPV panels will be monitored during and after the project.

After successful demonstration of the techno-economic feasibility of this BIPV product in the LEEF project, the value chain of companies from the materials producer to the end user can ensure a successful commercialization immediately after the end of the project.

Innovative optical coatings for energy-efficient windows

Additionally, a smart thermochromic coating for window glass will be developed. This SunSmart coating is transparent to visible light and, based on the glass temperature, can switch between transmitting and blocking of solar heat radiation. In this way, the coating on a window helps to reduce energy consumption for heating houses in winter and for cooling in summer. TNO has calculated for an average Dutch household that the SunSmart window contributes to an annual saving of 1963 kWh electricity and 245 m³ gas, which together represents a value of € 638. In the LEEF project, insulating glass units combining a SunSmart coated glass plate with a standard low-e coated glass, will be prepared.

These smart windows will be integrated in a test building at SolarBEAT in Eindhoven (TRL 6). Their performance, based on spectrophotometers mounted on the window, will be monitored during and after the project.

Project LEEF pilot

In order to be able to apply all functional coatings to glass plates with the correct precision and a commercially relevant speed, a pilot-line will be developed and purchased as part of the LEEF project. This includes the necessary components to apply pilot-scale functional coatings (TRL = 6-8) to glass plates, and to determine the properties of the applied coatings. The pilot-line will be made available to regional companies, especially SMEs, for their development and up-scaling at a reasonable rate.

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